Tulenkey releases ‘Corona’ song inspired by ‘Attaa Adwoa’

Rapper Tulenkey is serving fans with good music while they deal with the outbreak of coronavirus.

However, because of the outbreak, his song is focused on the effects the virus has had on him and people across the country.

“Every weekend I book a flight to Oseikrom but because of the cancelled shows I have to stay home and my money has been locked up..markets have been closed,” he said in Twi.

Tulenkey also mentions other artistes like Kofi Mole and Quamina MP who he says are not doing much because of the outbreak.

He added ‘Mate’ hitmaker, Fameye, explaining that the artiste has been hiding from promoters, who keep requesting he does shows, despite the President’s ban on public gatherings.

From football to sports betting, he highlights how people and football clubs shiver at the mention of coronavirus.

“I can’t go out, I’m so alone now. I miss bloom bar I want to chill now…Corona I hate what you’re doing, just stop what you’re doing,” he said. 

The artiste is also wondering when health professionals would find a cure for Covid-19 adding that, “life is a bore lately.”

Although he seems to be complaining about some of the impacts, he also encourages fans to follow the health directorates to stay safe,

Watch the full video below

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