Tracy dumped boyfriend of 5 years for Despite’s son, Lady claims

Tracy dumped boyfriend of 5 years for Despite’s son

A lady called Abena Gbagbo has accused Tracy, the wife of Kennedy Osei, of dumping her boyfriend to follow Despite’s son – According to Gbagbo, Tracy dumped her boyfriend of five years after meeting Kennedy at a wedding she attended with the said boyfriend – The lady’s claim comes after the many praises have been showered on Tracy for being an upright girl and not like money-conscious girls.

Tracy dumped boyfriend of 5 years for Despite’s son

Tracy and Kennedy Osei got married in a plush wedding which started with a lavish traditional marriage ceremony on Thursday, February 13, 2020. The couple followed it up with an expensive white wedding at the Faith Presby Church at Shiashie, East Legon, on Saturday, February 15, 2020. After their wedding, there have been many posts praising Tracy for her simplicity while shading other girls for being money-conscious and slay queens. One of such posts was put up on Facebook by Kelly Nii Laryea Mensa who posted a photo of Kennedy and Tracy describing her as a humble church girl and not like the superfluous slay queens.

But Abena Gbagbo who seemed to know more than the ordinary came with a reply indicating that Tracy was not the saint she was being portrayed and must not be used as a standard. According to Gbagbo, Tracy only met Kennedy in August 2019 after attending a wedding with her then-boyfriend whom she had dated for five years. After meeting Kennedy, she dumped the boyfriend of five years and has married the rich kid six months later. “You attend a wedding in August last year with someone you’ve been dating for 5 years, meet another at the wedding reception and just decides to let go off your relationship? We know oooo, she’s no standard so you people should stop disturbing us,’ she claimed

Tracy dumped boyfriend of 5 years for Despite’s son

Tracy dumped boyfriend of 5 years for Despite's son

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