The Volta Regional Bloc of the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS)

The Volta Regional Bloc of the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) did hold their second Central Committee (C.C.) meeting for the year 2019/20.

 The meeting saw the attendance of about 10 institutions out 17 and a total attendance of about 70 magnanimous student leaders who were ready to fight for the betterment of both their students and the Union.

The meeting commenced at exactly 8 am, a lot of issues were discussed, among them are the pageantry and awards night, NUGS sensation project, leadership seminars, institution of the local NUGS in the various colleges of education, the venue for the upcoming Congress and pageantry and awards night and many more. This meeting lasted for the entire day, nothing less than 10hrs to be precise.

The pageantry and awards night saw a significant enthusiasm by all and sundry in the meeting since everyone wanted something for his or her students back home. The pageantry saw a slate of Gh₵ 2000 for the winner, Gh₵ 1500 for the first runner up and Gh₵ 1000 for the second runner up in cash prize though other incentives like kettles, deep freezers, cookers, etc. will be added to the various cash prizes. At the pageantry night, promising student performers will be given the stage to do what they do best. It was approved that about all institutions will provide at least one student so GHspeaks will advise all student performers to put on their dancing boots, pick up their microphones, put on their acting mood, etc. and get ready for this unforgettable event which will shake all institutions in the Volta region and beyond.

The awards night also saw about 15 categories and amongst them are the following;

Best vice Chancellor/Principal of the year.

Best student leader of the year

Best student artist of the year

Best student blogger of the year

Student entrepreneur of the year

Student activist of the year

Volta Regional NUGS executive of the year

Student paparazzi of the year

Most influential student of the year

Most creative student of the year

 …..and many other exciting and intriguing categories which will make your mouth water.

Moreover, the NUGS SENSATION PROJECT was also a thing on the heart of all delegates present and even absent as some absentees called in to put in their views. The sensation has been scheduled to happen in all institutions in the Volta region, second cycle and basic inclusive if possible. NUGS paraphernalia like T-shirts, key holders, wrist bands, jotters, stickers, etc. will be available.

As part of the sensitization project, there will be dawn jogging and refreshment after the jogging, there will also be a policy discussion after mid-day and all this is scheduled to happen during the weekends so as not to distort lectures in any way.

Again, leadership seminars will be organized for all students especially student leaders so as to equip them with the necessary skills to avoid student leader-school management conflict but to enhance cooperation between the school management and their various student leaderships and others. This project has been scheduled to happen as soon as possible but GHspeaks believe this project will happen in the 2nd semester of the year.

Prominent speakers will be invited from all walks of life to advise and share their experiences which they hope will guide all that will be present through this life as well as make their reign as student leaders a success and a blissful one.

Also, instituting a local NUGS secretariat in all colleges of education was a priority at the second CC meeting.

It was explained that this action will ease off the burden of all local SRC reps so that they can function well and better and also ensure the NUGS decentralization is done perfectly in all institutions especially in the colleges of education. The NUGS VOLTA President, Hon. Agbemava Godson Atsu said that it was also necessary to take this action since the status of the Training Colleges have changed to Colleges of Education and hence the need also for constitutional amendments. Not to forget, dues collection from students was also tackled since that will be the main source of income for the Union. It was approved to be GH₵ 1.00 per academic year for all institutions and effected as soon as possible.

Penultimately, the meeting could not have ended without the date and venue for the 3rd annual congress being scheduled. The 3rd annual congress has been scheduled to take place in either Ho Nursing Training or Ho Technical University in the month of July.

Ultimately, it was finally agreed since the NUGS national front is divided the Volta Bloc and its institutions will not participate in any activity of any of the sides until the brouhaha is diligently and duly resolved. Therefore, for the time being, the Volta Bloc will continue to survive on its own with the collaboration of all the other Regional Blocs available.      ………………………@del

Thank you for reading, GHspeaks will continue to give you updates on education and more……

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