STEPS to Withdraw Mobile Money from any Bank’s ATM in Ghana

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you withdraw money in your mobile money wallet via the ATM machine.

kindly take note that not all banks in Ghana has the service at their ATM, however, all Major banks across Ghana offer the service.

How to withdraw MTN Mobile Money from ATMs

  1. Dial * 170 #
  2. Select Option 5 for Financial Services
  3. Select Option 1 for Banking Services
  4. Choose option 3 to withdraw cash from the ATM
  5. Choose option 1 to generate the token. Follow the next steps on the ATM
  6. On the ATM, choose Cardless Transactions
  7. Choose MTN Mobile Money
  8. Enter the generated code
  9. Enter your four-digit password (your personal identification number)
  10. Enter the amount between 5 GHS and 400 GHS
  11. Enter your PIN to authorize the transaction
  12. Wait to receive your cash from the ATM

This is really simple. However, be careful when pulling out as some ATMs do not dispense with 1 GHS and 2 GHS.

Thank you for reading!

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