Practices to try out with your partner

Creating fun traditions to do with your partner is as desirable as having fresh breath. Spice up your relationship by regularly doing something cool together.

Practices to try out with your partner?

There’s a lot to love about being in a relationship: you have someone to confide in, shower with affection and hopefully plan a future with. But the best part (or a very close second) has to be creating traditions to take part in together.
A lot of couples have fun activities that they only do together.  It could be having a picnic once a month, binge-watching series on a Saturday or eating at the restaurant they had their first date.

Instead of setting New Year’s resolutions, how about trying something a bit different, like coming up with traditions for you and your partner? 

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Plan a holiday together

When it comes to ideal travel companions, your partner is probably at the top of the list. Think of the places you’ve always dreamed of visiting. Now imagine how much better the experience would be with your partner by your side! Grab an atlas or a map and point your partner to the holiday destinations you’d like to visit. Then let them do the same. When you’re done, discuss which places you’re going to visit first and start budgeting.

Start a two-member review club

It’s safe to assume you and your partner have a few common interests. Why else would you be together? Let’s say the both of you are bookworms. Why not start a book club? The two of you could each buy the same book, read it, and share your thoughts with each other when you’re done. Or maybe the two of you can’t get enough of movies. Choose a day of the week where you both watch and dissect a film together. You could even have a genre for each month (e.g. dramas in January, romantic comedies in February etc).

Look back on the year that was

The festive season is usually a time of intense self-reflection. A lot of people look back on the year to see where they messed up and how they can improve. Instead of doing this individually, do it with your partner. Honestly ask yourself which areas you fell short as a partner and ask for your better half’s input. When you’re doing this exercise, don’t take anything your partner says as a personal attack. If they say you’re inattentive, listen more. If you’re told you don’t have fresh breath, start using CloseUp toothpaste. Whatever the case, commit yourself to becoming better.

Practices to try out with your partner

Follow these tips to put a bit of excitement into you and your partner’s relationship. And don’t forget, you’re free to love whomever you want.

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