All about hearing-impairment,Read now !

Hearing-impairment hearing-impairment, also called auditory impairment is a condition of partial or complete loss of sounds. It is a condition which prevents a person from perceiving sounds and understanding speech. ghspeaks CLASSIFICATION OF HEARING IMPAIRMENT BASED ON AGE OF ONSET These are congenital hearing loss and Adventitious or acquired hearing loss. Congenital Loss:- This is … Read more

Key facts about health-impairments-in-children

HEALTH IMPAIRMENT health-impairments-in-children health-impairments-in-children Children with health impairment have conditions that are related to medication. These conditions may require on going medical attention some of the conditions are chronic while others are intermittent. The reason is that the illness does not allow the child to stay longer in school. He does not also form relations … Read more

Here are the forms-of-assessment you need to use!

FORMS OF ASSESSMENT –GHSPEAKS There are two forms-of-assessment They are formal and informal assessment. FORMAL ASSESSMENT Formal assessment in special education involves standardized procedures. The testee is required to do one form of test or the other under conditions which can be described as uniform. Thus, the manner in which we expect Kofi to behave … Read more

Best delivery-models-in-special-needs-education

DELIVERY MODELS / PLACEMENT OPTIONS IN SPECIAL EDUCATION The following are the various delivery-models-in-special-needs-education options available for exceptional children from mild to severe in special education. PLACEMENT / DELIVERY MODEL: delivery-models-in-special-needs-education REGULAR SCHOOL The regular school is sometimes called ‘normal’ or ordinary school or general education. It is the type of school that gives education to … Read more


CONCEPTS IN SPECIAL NEEDS EDUCATION concepts-in-special-needs-education concepts-in-special-needs-education, MULTIPLE HANDICAPPED CHILD A multiple – handicapped child is a child who suffers from more than one disability. This means it is possible for an individual to have more than one handicap. Examples of multiple handicapped children are those who are deaf and blind, cripple and blind, blind … Read more

All you must know about communication disorders

TYPES OF COMMUNICATION DISORDERS communication-disorders :Communication disorders are classified into two areas namely language disorders and speech disorders – Recently Published Jun 30th, 6:46 am Google pixel 3, Great deals in uk| but wait for pixel 4! Jun 29th, 4:25 pm The 16 shiny Alolan pokemon available for Pokemon GO’s anniversary event Jun 27th, 6:22 pm Get the … Read more

Here the categories of exceptional-talented-gifted-children you must know

Categories of exceptional children -Talented/ gifted children The following categories of exceptional children have been identified in special needs education; exceptional-talented-gifted-children a) Gifted / Talented children b) Learning Disability MENTAL DEVIATIONS c) Mental Retardation d) Visual Impairment e) Auditory/Hearing Impairment SENSORY DEVIATIONS f) Auditory / Hearing Impairment g) Emotional / Behaviour Disorders h) Multiple Handicap … Read more