Online Jobs in Ghana that pay through mobile money in Ghana[2020-2021]

By | September 13, 2020
Online Jobs in Ghana that pay through mobile money in Ghana

Online Jobs in Ghana that pay through mobile money in Ghana

If you thought satisfactorily paying, online jobs are a utopian dream, think again. Hardly does it seem authentic to the clueless and less-explorative mind, but for the motivated, they have found a haven.
A flexible cash cow that mints money when desired. These platforms are not only for those that are starved of cash but are avenues to earn substantial and worthy returns over time if you have the courage of taking it a notch higher.
It is easy getting online jobs in Ghana that pay through mobile money when you are looking to ease your financial constraint. What avenues should you utilize to make unlimited income?

Online Jobs in Ghana that pay through mobile money in Ghana
Online Jobs in Ghana that pay through mobile money in Ghana

Online Jobs in Ghana that pay through mobile money in Ghana

Jumia Affiliate

Jumia Affiliate With the current digitization of virtually any services, online markets have been abuzz with traffic. People are looking to purchase products online, preferring cashless payments, and fewer movements. Hence, joining Jumia – one of the biggest market places in Ghana for a variety of products – is a great way to work from home in Accra Ghana.
As a member of this massive team, you will be earning commissions once you advertise their products on your website and social media platforms. You will do this by creating a unique link, which, when used to complete a successful purchase, earns a commission.
How about that for a hassle-free way of earning money? Of course, you have to be great at affiliate marketing if you want to make this Jumia affiliate gig work.
If you put the necessary effort towards this initiative, within no time, you will start making a massive amount of money. And the best part is that you can get paid through mobile money. Such functionalities make working online a satisfactory occupation for many that are looking to increase their net worth. Such processes are very easy and it only takes a short set up process. Have unique skills in your profession that you feel are going to waste? At, you can advertise your talents and expertise at a price. The platform’s membership is free, and all you require is an active email address and phone number to join. After you have successfully joined the platform, start advertising your services, and begin earning money. pays for all completed jobs through mobile money platforms. Therefore, it is a great way to receive money with MTN mobile money. If you are good at content creation or article writing, you can post your skills and get someone that will pay you for services rendered. This platform is open to many other professions, basically anything that you know how to do.


PePaPa ought to be in your list of online jobs in Ghana as they are amazingly efficient in creating strong and reliable connections between buyers and sellers online. Therefore, if you want to buy or sell anything, this is the platform you ought to utilize.
Many people today are getting connected on the internet using different gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, computers, and more. Hence, with such an avenue, selling your merchandise online is not a big deal. PePaPa creates the market links for you so that you do not have to go the extra mile to find reliable clients.
The website allows any user to sell as guests, using personal accounts, or as a business. This way, clients can advertise their content for available buyers. The registration process is easy. Once you have sold your item, get paid through mobile money or any other means you are comfortable with. Online Jobs in Ghana that pay through mobile money in Ghana

Amazon associates

You are probably wondering how you are going to get paid through mobile money using this platform. That is the most interesting part about online jobs – there is great flexibility in payments such that they are virtually limitless. Amazon associates is a way for people to earn commissions on advertising through various means. Of course, it is an affiliate program whereby you dictate how much you earn reliant on the effort that you apply in advertising. After registering, you can choose from over a million products that you would like to advertise to your clients. Regardless of your platform, whether a massive network or a simple blogger, Amazon possesses amazing and simple tools that will help you meet your advertising needs. Every qualifying purchase is going to earn you up to 10% advertising fees. That is an amazing deal considering how massive the Amazon online store currently is, unmatched in the industry.


Zoobashop is a full Ghanaian owned online retail store that has grown to become the largest in Ghana today. Making money online on this platform is quite easy.
Since it is an e-commerce platform, buyers meet sellers and agree on a price to sell their products. Therefore, if you have merchandise that you are struggling to sell due to lack of a market, using this online marketplace will save you time and massive resources. On top of getting your money with MTN mobile money after a successful deal, the website offers clients and sellers numerous secure platforms to process their payments.


Are you looking for online surveys that pay through mobile money in Ghana? Surveys are the commonest and simplest ways that people earn extra cash on the internet. People love them because of the process’s simplicity.
A basic question and answer session and you get your money instantly. You can find many online surveys for cash in Ghana, but whichever site you utilize, ascertain they are genuine.
The earning mechanism on Triaba is pretty simple. After registering and uploading all necessary information, you are going to get surveys aligned with your unique profile. Once you reach the desired threshold of funds, you can withdraw to your desired platform. Do not be worried about getting your cash directly to your mobile money account; the process is easy and simple.

Even though many people have been intensively taking advantage of the capability to receive MTN mobile money from abroad, online platforms also process payments through the same route. Even better, with the right tools, one can make money online in Ghana through mobile money.

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