OMA Tale of The Brave, Episode 1

OMA Tale of The Brave, Episode 1, In a time long before ours, when people lived by the sword and lived on edge to survive, only the strongest and fiercest of men were said could live in Africa. Men would kill for whatever they wanted; for women, for food or possession. Especially, the one most men coveted the most, ‘land’.
It was the single most valuable possession in this dark age in the west of Africa. The kingdoms and communities built on these lands had always been displaced and replaced with stronger, more powerful civilizations throughout time, in a constant cycle of change.

OMA Tale of The Brave, Episode 1 ?

In the 3th and 4th century was the longest number of shifts in power across this part of the continent. Between 256 AD and 298 AD, in the ancient lands of Benin, in ‘south-east Nigeria’, a fifty year war had engulfed most of ‘the south’.
Coming from the east and on a conquest to rule all of Benin kingdoms under one crown was Oba Asuelumen Osarugue and his large army which he sets against all his kingdom’s northern neighbors in a war to defeat them and unite all their kingdoms under one throne, ‘his Throne’.

oma tale of the brave
oma tale of the brave ep 1

Hidden from the blood spilling war that the southern ruler had started was a mountain tribe, ‘Esuoviä’ (prn~ esu-o-via-a). Living among this tribesmen is a young adult girl called Oma, and this is her story.
Raised as the youngest of two daughters, Oma learnt to fight and hunt from her father since he had no son to teach. She would grow up to become a fine hunter and marksman, excellent in her use of a bow.
Years before, she had lost both her parents to a plague that swept through the village, but she and her sister have managed to survive since.

Now grown, Oma was well versed in survival skills to defend and feed herself on her own. Always she would be in the company of her pet dog, ‘Kuye’ who is fiercely protective of his human and today, Kuye stands guard for her while she fished at a pond not too far from the village.

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