NSS Dashboard Login

By | September 9, 2020
How to get NSS certificate online

NSS Dashboard Login

National Service Scheme NSS Portal Login Dashboard is Online NSS Login Page that contains National Service Personnels information and grant them permission to access all NSS functionalities.

NSS Dashboard Login – https://portal.nss.gov.gh

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NSS Dashboard Login
NSS Dashboard Login

NSS Dashboard Services Offered

  • Print NSS Monthly Evaluation Form
  • Print NSS Posting Letter
  • Place Order for Items (NSS Life Starter Deals)
  • Lost ID Replacement
  • Update Registration Form
  • Request for NSS certificate
  • Request Changes in Name & Other Details
  • View Online Registration Form
  • Regional Registration Verification Appointment
  • Activity History

How To Reset NSS NSS Portal Login Password on Dashboard

  • Visit NSS Portal Page – https://portal.nss.gov.gh/
  • Click on Reset Password from your left hand side on the screen
  • Enter your Old Password in the “Old Password” space provided
  • Enter New Password in the “New Password ” space provided
  • Re-enter your New Password  in the “Re-type New Password” space provided
  • Click on “Update Password”

You must have the proper credentials to access NSS Dashboard

Click Here to Access National Service Scheme Dashboard


  1.  Encourage the spirit of national service among ALL segments of Ghanaian society in the effort of nation -building through active participation.
  2.  Undertake projects designed to combat hunger, illiteracy, disease and unemployment in Ghana.
  3.  Help provide essential services and amenities, particularly in towns and villages of the rural areas of Ghana.
  4.  Develop skilled manpower through practical training.
  5.  Promote national unity and strengthen the bonds of common citizenship among Ghanaians.


The Scheme’s deployment is contingent on provisions of section (3) of Act 426, which directs the scheme to deploy personnel to undertake National Service duties in:

  1. Agriculture
  2. Health
  3. Education
  4. Local Government
  5. Rural Development, including surveying, physical  planning, civil engineering and rural industries.
  6. Youth Programmes

Ghanaian students who graduate from accredited tertiary institutions are required under law to do a one-year national service to the country. The National Service Secretariat (NSS) is the Government of Ghana agency mandated to formulate policies and structures for national service.

The organogram of the service has the Board of the service at the top. The Board supervises the activities of the Executive Director and two Deputy Executive Directors. One deputy is the Head of Finance and Administration and the other is in charge of the service’s operations. The Executive Director and the Deputies supervise the activities of the Heads of various Departments.

At the regional level, the service is headed by the Regional Director who in turn supervises the work of the various District Directors. The service has Regional Heads in all the ten regional capitals of the country. The service has a staff strength of 342

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