Medikal seeks Fella Makafui’s forgiveness

Medikal seeks Fella Makafui’s forgiveness

By Kwamina DEXTRO

Fella Makafui and Medikal
Love birds Fella Makafui and Medikal

All is not well between the two love birds Medikal and Fella Makafui. 

Or is that Medikal is taking advantage of this whole Fella/Derby beef to trend for a while. 

Is he apologizing to his girlfriend for not having all the time for during this tough battle? 

Has Medikal been caught cheating? Remember that Wanluv Da Kubolor recently stated that he knows that Medikal loves women a lot (as if he (Wanluv) doesn’t love exploring). 

Maybe, just maybe, Medikal is revealing the title of Makafui’s next movie? 

Medikal seeks Fella Makafui’s forgiveness

Well, we are asking these questions because Medikal has posted a picture of Fella with the emoji of a broken heart attached and the caption; “I’m sorry”.

It could be a thousand reasons why Medikal is apologizing to Fella. Let’s just wait for further and better particulars before we conclude. 

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