How to use MTN GH Midnight Bundle in the Daytime

By | September 29, 2020
How to use MTN GH Midnight Bundle in the Daytime 2020

In this article I will show you how to use the MTN Midnight bundle in the day time. This has been a question people always ask. This lesson will guide you through.

Please follow these guide carefully

  1. Go to the system phone settings
  2. Scroll down and tap on the “Date & Time” button
  3. Tap on the Automatic date & time
  4. Choose the “Off” option
  5. Now turn off Automatic time zone.

After you have followed the above steps, you’re not yet done. You ought to do something else to make everything successful. After the above, the steps, just turn your phone to the Airplane mode or simply restart your device!

Hurray, enjoy the midnight bundle in the day time…  Don’t keep this secret, spread the love. Share with friends and families.

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