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By | October 11, 2020

How to Add Sticky Notes to Your iPhone Home Screen
There are times you want to jot something that you don’t want to forget on your device and opening a note-taking apps can seem like a long process. Desktop computers have this functionality where you can add sticky note on the home screen. With iOS 14 introducing widget, you can have sticky notes on your iPhone’s home screen. An app called as sticky notes will let you have the desktop sticky note experience on your iPhone.
The Sticky Widgets app looks like the real-life sticky note and gives that kind of experience. Any widget you add (whether small, medium, or large size), can be edited, and you can add or remove text. The app also features the Marquee yellow and pink backgrounds and  there’re also the markerfelt font. The app works as a widget.
1. Once you have it downloaded, go to your iPhone’s home screen. Press an empty part of the screen for more than two seconds to trigger the home screen editing mode.
2. Tap the “+” button which is located at the top-left corner.
Tap the “+” botton; Source: howtogeek.com3. Apps will be listed, locate and select the Sticky Widgets option.
Choose Sticky Widget; Source: howtogeek.com4. The preview of the three different sizes (small, medium, and large) will show. Tap the Add Widget button so that a widget is added to your home screen.
Tap Add Widget; Source: howtogeek.comFor instance, as shown below, we chose the Medium size.
5. When you’re done with adding the widget, tap the Done button to save the widget.
Tap Done; Source: howtogeek.com6. You can now edit the content and type your note. After that, tap Save.
Select the widget and enter text; Source: howtogeek.comTap Save; Source: howtogeek.com7. When you are back on your home screen, you’ll find that the Sticky Widgets note has been updated.
The widget has been updated; Source: howtogeek.comIt is possible to customise the background as well as the widget font:
1. Tap on the widget for more than two seconds and select Edit Widget
2. You’ll see options to change the color on the Color section. You can choose anyone from yellow, blue and pink. For font, you can choose between MarketFelt (the default option), Noteworthy, or use the system font from the Font option.
The best combination will be to choose the MarkerFelt font and the yellow background.
These steps will help you achieve creating a sticky note that you can always see on your home screen.
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Hope with this, you have learnt How to Add Sticky Notes to Your iPhone Home Screen.
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