GES New curriculum yields fascinating Teachers in basic schools

Ghanaian education system has faced many changes in the past two years, some of the changes brought positive changes and some are still battling to achieve their purpose.

GES New curriculum

One major change that had great impact on basic school education in Ghana is the newly introduced curriculum and the nature of workshops held across Ghana for its implementation.

However, after successful workshops, school resumed and the new curriculum with the much controversial workshop gave birth to comic teachers who use fascinating methods in lesson deliveries and general pupil management.

Videos circulating on social media had teachers dancing with kids, teachers using weird but comprehensive methods to explain points to learners.

One video had a male teacher carrying a pupil on his neck to illustrate proper fractions, another video come with a lady teacher trying to explain a point with various dancing steps accompanied by a song from leaners.

Below are the videos

Another video come with a man explaining that basic schools are now going to spend more time singing and dancing.

Rumors also has it that, contact hours for basic schools are now going to be 7.00 am to 4.30 pm, well, every rumor has an element of truth!.

Nevertheless, in the videos circulating on social media, pupils are noticed enjoying every activity going on. We hope this reflects in their academic records as well.

To conclude, one will notice that, the newly introduced curriculum was designed in a way to sustain the interest of learners and generally make Ghanaian children passionate about education.

GES New curriculum

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