Majority of problems that befalls Ghanaians are as a result of poor and untimely plus dishonest decisions taken by our misleaders. Campaign for the 2020 general election is about to vigorously start yet here we are with lots of dishonest reasons given by the EC in favor of compiling a new register for the general elections.

The question is; is it prudent for the EC to re-register all voters?

It is said; “Some things are nice but not important and others are important but not necessary”. As a result, we hereby say the EC’s decision to compile a new register is neither important nor necessary! Below are the questions and reasons to support our decision:

1. Has the EC given potent reasons that go beyond all reasonable doubt in compiling a new register?

2. Did the EC know ahead of time that it was going to compile new register for the general elections?

If yes, why did they spend huge amount of money on a limited registration in June, 2019? Why didn’t they wait to do it at once?

3. Why didn’t the EC compile the new register between June and August so they could have had the chance to test it on the Assembly election in order to correct the errors and other challenges that might arise?

4. Are the new registered voters (those registered in June 2019) also going to join queue again for the same card they’re already having?

Is there a problem with their data too?

Will that not amount to causing financial loss to the state?

5.  What will be the function of the NIA card should we waste money to acquire new voter card?

6. Who, where and on what will the EC test/pilot the new system on? Since the system hasn’t been tested and can’t be tested before the general elections, how can one tell the margin of error?

7. Who in his or her right senses tests a new device and system on a major election like the upcoming one?

8. Does the EC understands the life span of a biometric or fingerprint data?

Is the EC ignorant about how a biometric register operates or they’re up to something fishy?


Is the EC being manipulated or forced to carry out this indefensible decision by some strong unseen hands?

Why has it taken one sided stand without considering the many other alternatives being given by many honest Ghanaians?

Now the fact is that what we really need are

  • new devices
  • new app
  • new cooling machine/air-conditioning

NOT A NEW REGISTER! A new register is absolutely ridiculous and senseless in all forms!

The device has nothing to do with the register. The register is always intact and on it’s own; it’s only loaded onto the device during elections. So why say the register must be changed?

9. Again, finger prints do not expire so why new finger prints?

10. Why won’t the EC procure a new and bigger app to migrate the data onto it instead of throwing the whole data away only to set a date for people to queue for the same data¬† thrown away to be recollected from them? Does it make sense?

Consequences of the New Voter Register

a. Very low voter turnout. This is simply because majority of voters are already seeing no sense in voting so have decided not to vote. As a result, should you tell them to go and queue for a new voter card before they can vote, it will be a very beautiful excuse for them not to go and register hence their inability to vote.

Another reason is that since the ECOWAS/Ghana Card can be used for all transactions, what will be the need for one to go and queue for long hours for a card that can only be used to vote?

b. There is definitely going to be machine break downs, malfunctioning and other unforeseen challenges during the registration leading to registration dates being extended plus people given up in getting the card.

c. It may lead to chaos. Political parties raising genuine concerns, when not listened to to make them feel involved, may lead to serious security problems during the elections plus a possible rejection of the results which may be catastrophic to the nation.

d. The EC may lose its credibility; which will be very dangerous to our country. Also, the EC boss and her Deputy shall face the same ill-judgment and treatment as faced by the predecessors.

Further Probe

  • Will the new register prevent any possible manual verification?
  • Is there a guarantee that none of the devices will breakdown during the election?
  • What happens when some of the new ones breakdown or don’t recognize some voters?

Will the EC use the usual manual verification to verify them?



The system we have now already has our pictures which pops up and it’s compared to what’s on the device, and a facial recognition is done before your finger print is taken. That’s what happens during elections. This facial recognition is simply the best since it only verifies or recognizes the picture on the card to ensure it’s same as the one in the booklet which is also crosschecked electronically on the device before you proceed to verify your fingers. So for the EC to say we need facial recognition as part of the new proposal is simply shallow! It’s either they don’t know about facial verification or they mean something else.

Note this;

Facial verification comes with lots of challenges;

1. Should any of your facial features change, the machine can’t recognize you hence you can’t proceed to the next stage. Mark my words; light beam, darkness, acne, makeups, etc. will definitely prevent millions of voters from being facially verified on the day of election.

2. Identical twins can use the system in the absence of the other.

With all the above challenges, the good old adage comes to play; “The devil you know, they say is better than the beautiful angel you do not know”


By Akoto Prosper Dyon

Counsellor, Educationist and Security Analyst


EDUCATE GHANA SUMMIT…we educate the nation.


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