COCOA SMUGGLING GONE BAD as Kadjebi Police arrest smugglers of cocoa beans and seize the alleged smuggled goods.‘s Peter Addison Senoo Reports.

Two large bags of the cocoa beans were torn to stop the police from seizing them

The Kadjebi District Police command in the Oti Region has intercepted three large bags of cocoa beans supposedly being smuggled to neighbouring Togo for sales. 

Acting on intelligence gathered, the police operation took place at Ahamansu a farming community in the district.

The youth of the town who were upset about the situation, rallied to prevent the police from taking the cocoa beans away. They claimed that the cocoa was being stored in the house without any intention to be smuggled.

Speaking to JoyNew, the alleged owner of the cocoa beans, Kasim said he was unhappy with the situation. According to him, it was wrong for the police to seize his property without any concrete evidence.


”I always package my cocoa the way it was found. I have even called my landlord who is out of town to come bear me witness. I said I will not allow the police to take it away because I have done nothing wrong and the beans are mine. I don’t know anything about Togo, I cultivate, harvest and sell my cocoa right here. I have my book with my records. I don’t sell my cocoa outside Ghana. I don’t go to Togo,” he concluded.

In an attempt to stop the police from taking the bags away, two of the sacks were torn by the youth and had to be rebagged.

It took three warning shots by the police to calm the rowdy crowd before the seized items could be taken from the community.  

Meanwhile, the bags have been taken to the cocoa buying centre in the community and investigations commenced into the issue.


Source: | Peter Addison Senoo

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