A simple life of a teenage boy chapter 9

An intriguing novel by: PETERSAN

                All of my dreams and small fantasies shattered into small pieces and I was broke. I couldn’t even manage to get near her even if she was right in front of my eyes. The only thing that I was fully satisfied with was that I was able to see her every day which was actually not enough to get close to her. I might even say that I was a total stalker and an utterly poor shy guy. Each and every day I thought of speaking with her but I failed. Funny thing was that I even rehearsed perfectly at my home to talk about the things that might interest her but I failed in that one as well. It’s been like three months since I first saw her but I haven’t spoken with her for even a single time. I felt as if I was running behind her while she was flying far from me. She was a school captain and I was a common student. She was perfect in terms of study and sports while I was average in terms of study and poor in terms of sports. So, I asked myself, “Why is a looser like me even thinking of getting close to a girl who is totally out of my league?” But all of the fault was mine. I was the one who used to act like a statue as soon as she used to pass nearby me. My face used to turn red and I would run away from her in an instant. I was afraid of her though she was neither a ghost nor a lion that would eat me. I said to myself that maybe this is the end of my young and unfinished teenage love.

A simple life of a teenage boy chapter 9

I was pretty much angry with myself without any particular reason. Then suddenly after getting home, I took out my notebook and started making plans to become a Vice Captain of the school. I thought that maybe I could talk with her if I became a vice captain. I had known that captain and vice-captain watch out other student’s activities and support the laws of the school. But to become a VC was a difficult task because one has to excel in terms of academics and sports. I needed to practice hard in both fields in order to be eligible to apply for VC seat. And without any second thought, VC became my aim in order to get close to her.

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