A simple life of a teenage boy chapter 10

An intriguing novel by: PETERSAN

                Yesterday was my birthday and I turned 14. One year passed in a blink of an eye. But more importantly, I’m glad that I did a remarkable progress during these past months in becoming a VC. I recently gave a terminal exam and I ranked 3rd in my class which was a good thing. And next good thing was that I improved my basketball skill. I hardly managed to get in my school‘s primary team but still my skill wasn’t even close to other players. The only thing that I knew well was to pass and dribble the ball. I knew that I needed much practice to shoot the ball properly. But I’m spending about 3 hours a day in practicing basketball. Preliminaries Cup was coming soon and I needed to focus much on my stamina. I used to get totally exhausted by only playing for two quarters of the game. So, in order to enter as a player I had to play for longer time. I thought that if I could become a good player of the team then my chance of becoming VC would be high. During that time, my mind was totally focused on practicing, practicing and just practicing.

A simple life of a teenage boy chapter 10

I was tired and spent much on sleeping. I doubled the meal and ate a lot. My body was totally aching and I needed much rest. I can’t even imagine how I was some two months back. But my feeling towards her have never changed and never will. How could I forget the girl I missed each day? All of these hard work was to get near her. I will do everything I can to get close to her.

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